Solarcomm Pty Ltd is based in Central West NSW and has been installing solar power systems across NSW for since 1991; and, in 2013, incorporated “The Energy Shop” in Goulburn.

At Solarcomm, we design and install Stand-Alone or Off-Grid Solar Power Systems for remote areas where the cost of a grid connection is either too expensive or due to the remoteness of the site, supply is impracticable.  Our Stand-Alone Solar Power Systems are tailor-made to suit our customers’ requirements on a case by case basis as each system can (and should) be customised to reflect your energy consumption. 

To facilitate the correct sizing of a Solar Power System, we will discuss with you your energy requirements and create a “Power Demand Profile” which is then used to help in the system design.  It is helpful to note that there are some things that solar power is not economical to provide, such as hot water, heating buildings and cooking.  A “holistic” approach to energy efficiency is required in the system design process.

At Solarcomm, we not only design and install Stand-Alone Solar Power Systems, we live it!

The Director, Peter, as well as being a qualified electrician, has a certificate in Industrial Electronics, Cert 4 in renewable Energy, is a member of SEIA (Solar Energy Industries Association), and has full CEC (Clean Energy Council) Accreditation with Hybrid Endorsement.

Not only will a Stand-Alone Solar Power System by Solarcomm make your life in the bush easier, but your decision will also have a positive environmental impact.

In addition to new systems, we can also give assessments on existing systems as well as maintenance and upgrades.

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